ADOT Architectural, Design and Engineering Projects

This section discusses various aspects of architectural, design and engineering project bidding opportunities administered by the ADOT Engineering Consultants Section (ECS).

Funding Sources

ADOT projects get funds from various sources, and sometimes a funding source adds additional requirements to both bidding and contract compliance. The most frequent funding sources are

  • the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).
  • the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
  • the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • the State of Arizona.
  • local governments (e.g., the City of Phoenix).

Generally, federal funding sources have more requirements than local sources. Contract requirements are generally explained in each solicitation or contract advertisement.   

Contract Types

There are several different types of common architectural, design and engineering contracts. The three most common are

Project Specific Contracts — these contracts focus on providing services for particular specified projects (e.g., design an HOV lane).

On-Call Contracts — these contracts designate certain firms as “on-call” and allow ADOT to assign qualifying work to them where it would be impractical, unfeasible, or otherwise undesirable to go through the entire bidding process. While having an on-call contract can be advantageous, there is no guarantee that any work will actually be assigned to your firm as a result of the contract.

Supplemental Services Contracts — these contracts allow ADOT to hire individuals or firms to provide ancillary services, either in support of a project specific contract or a general ADOT need.

Architectural, design and engineering contracts are selected based on qualifications rather than price as required by a federal law called the Brooks Act. Engineering firms submit their qualifications for a project, ADOT selects the most qualified firm and then negotiates price with the winning firm.  A basic overview of the Brooks Act can be found on the ADOT website.

ADOT Engineering Consultants Section and Staff Contacts

The Engineering Consultants Section (ECS) oversees architectural and engineering design contracts.  ECS also administers professional services contracts that are related to the construction or reconstruction of highways (because they are exempt from the State Procurement Code).  They oversee these contracts from beginning to end, although different ECS staff may be assigned to the contract at different stages.  ECS can be reached by phone at 602.712.7525.  For more contact information, see their staff contacts page.

It’s important to know that, once a contract has been advertised, any questions about that project must be submitted in writing to the contract specialist assigned to that contract. For questions about specific advertised projects, you can generally find the necessary contact information within the advertisement itself.

Architectural, Design and Engineering Bidding Opportunities

Businesses interested in bidding on architectural and engineering design services contracts can check on current and pending projects and a list of short-term upcoming projects in the Engineering Consultants section of the ADOT website.

Subconsultants who wish to work on design projects, can find consultants that are prequalified to do ADOT Design projects.  Companies on the prequalification list are the only firms eligible to submit Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) and to work as a Prime Consultant on ADOT Architectural & Engineering Design projects.

Potential Subconsultants can contact ECS at 602.712.7525 for a list of consulting firms that have expressed interest in advertised contracts and can contact those firms for bidding opportunities.


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