ADOT Goods and Services Projects

This section discusses various aspects of goods and services contract bidding opportunities administered by the ADOT Procurement Group.

Funding Sources

ADOT projects are funded from various sources. Sometimes a funding source adds additional requirements to both bidding and contract compliance. The most frequent funding sources are

  • the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).
  • the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
  • the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).
  • the State of Arizona.
  • local governments (e.g., the City of Phoenix).

ADOT Procurement group procures goods and services contracts for ADOT, as well as on behalf of Local Public Agencies.  They may also generate Arizona Department of Administration contracts through the State Procurement Office for use by all state agencies. All pertinent contract information for these contracts can be found on the AZ Procurement Portal.

ADOT Goods and Services Contract Department and Staff Contacts

Non-architectural or engineering professional services and goods and services contracts are typically handled through the Procurement group. ADOT’s Procurement group manages all of ADOT’s ProcureAZ contracts from commodities to construction to goods and services. They can be reached by phone at 602.712.7211. For more contact information, see their staff contacts page.

It’s important to know that, once a contract has been advertised, any questions about that project must be submitted in writing to the Procurement Officer assigned to that contract. For questions about specific advertised projects, you can generally find the necessary contact information within the advertisement itself.

Support is also available from Arizona Procurement Portal by phone at 602.542.7600 or by email at [email protected].


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