DBE Goal Requests

Submitting DBE Contract Goal Requests as an LPA

To gain access to the DBE Goal Setting Application, you must complete the following two steps:

  1. Complete the "Register As New User" form to establish your log in credentials  (username and password) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Email [email protected] with the following information to obtain the appropriate access within the system

1. First and last name

2. The email address that you registered with in step 1

3. Phone number

4. Agency name

You should allow for up to two (2) business days to receive access after you contact us, if the appropriate information is provided in the original request.

Learn more about the goal setting process

All ADOT contracting groups and subrecipients of FHWA funds must have their projects assessed for a DBE goal prior to advertising a contract by submitting a DBE Goal Worksheet to the Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO). DBE participation is achieved through race-neutral and race-conscious means. All federal aid projects are assessed for DBE opportunity. Where DBE availability exists, race-conscious goals will be set. 

BECO evaluates DBE Contract Goals using an online DBE Contract Goal Setting Application. The system is an online version of the DBE Goal Worksheet and allows ADOT project managers and Local Public Agencies to work on multiple goals and submit them over time. As Goal Assessments are complete, the system will automatically email users with the assessed goal. Users must include a detailed Scope of Work so that the goal can be narrowly tailored.  If incorrect information is provided, the request will be returned and the requestor will be asked to make changes. Once submitted correctly, requestors should allow up to 10 business days for BECO Goal Assessments to be completed. For questions regarding the Goal Assessment process contact [email protected].

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