Construction and Materials

Field Reports

Team Reference

Manager: Charlene Neish
Assistant Manager: Irene Del Castillo
Administrative Support: John Ponce

Apprentice/OJT Approval:
Lydia Ramirez
Raquel Llanez

Conformance Requests:
Lydia Ramirez
Raquel Llanez

Fringe/Wage Determination Updates:
Estella Robinson
Raquel Llanez

Supplemental Agreements/Project Finals:
LeAnn Tompkins
Paula Brown
Melissa Siaotong

Bev Swartz
Raquel Llanez

Ladd Bouts
Estella Robinson
DISTRICT UNIT FIELD OFFICE Paula Brown LeAnn Tompkins Melissa
Debra Bowie Raquel Llanez Lydia Ramirez
Central 4310     x        
4672 Blk Canyon     x     x
4673 48th St x         x
4674 South Mtn x          
4676 Deer Valley   x       x
4677 VISION x     x    
4678 Valley West     x x    
4679 Agua Fria   x   x    
4680 Casa Grande x     x    
4684 Landscape     x x    

Southcentral 4591 Tucson S   x       x
4592 Tucson W x         x
4593 Tucson E x       x  
4594 Tucson N     x   x  

Southwest 4631 Yuma   x     x  

Southeast 4551 Safford x       x  
4552 Willcox x       x  
4555 Globe x       x  

Northcentral 4352 4th St   x   x    
4353 Huntington   x   x    
4355 Payson   x   x    

Northwest 4511 Prescott     x   x  
4517 Kingman     x     x

Northeast 4431 Holbrook     x    
4433 Show Low     x x    

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