Engineering Consultants

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Engineering Consultants Section
1611 W Jackson St.
Phoenix Arizona 85007

Phone: 602.712.7525
Fax: 602.712.7424

ECS Administrative

Position Person Phone
Manager Gregory Wristen 602.712.4474
Procurement Manager Debera Massahos 602.712.8183
Management Analyst IV Edina Omeragic 602.712.8653

Compliance Unit

Position Person Phone
Compliance Unit Manager Cedric Johnson 602.712.7628
Compliance Contract Specialist June McEntire 602.712.2173

Contracts Unit

Position Person Phone
Contract Manager Jennifer Moyzes
Contract Manager Trista Ellis 602.712.7668
Contract Specialist Nancy Donohue 602.712.4171
Contract Specialist Lisa Richardson 602.712.2158
Contract Specialist Crystal Hawbaker 602.712.4676
Contract Specialist April Blakely 602.712.7569
Contract Specialist Julia Whitmore Sevin 602.712.2169
Contract Specialist Taiynul Arefeen 602.712.7596
Contract Specialist Pat Glasmann 602.712.4697
Contract Specialist Jacquelyn Shivers 602.712.4156
Consultant Contract Specialist Kris Sagli 602.712.8369

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