Every Day Counts Initiative

The Federal Highways Administrations' Every Day Counts (EDC) Initiative is designed to identify and deploy innovation aimed at reducing the time it takes to deliver highway projects, enhance safety and protect the environment.

One of EDC's two goals — the Technology Innovation and Deployment Goal — includes the formation of a State Transportation Innovation Council. Arizona is meeting that goal through the Arizona Council for Transportation Innovation (ACTI).

Arizona Council for Transportation Innovation

Formed in 2012, the Council will facilitate the implementation of innovative technology, tactics and techniques among transportation program delivery professionals to ensure smart, efficient investment in Arizona's highway and transportation infrastructure.

The objective of ACTI is to build a "culture of innovation" in Arizona through

  • identifying innovative strategies.
  • developing the applications.
  • deploying the technology and testing by using pilot projects.
  • integrating ideas into routine practices.

The Council's focus is to identify advancements to the transportation industry that shorten project delivery, accelerate technology and innovation deployment, and ultimately improve the safety and reliability of the transportation system throughout the state of Arizona.