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Project Delivery Academy

Welcome to the Project Delivery Academy.
This is an open forum discussion that follows the current Project Development Process Manual.

The objective of this 7 part series is to provide ongoing training in a dynamic setting that focuses on key areas in which Project Managers interact.

Module 1 Planning and Programming (TCH3360)

Focuses on the MPD Planning process and the 5 year Transportation Program along with training from the Local Public Agencies section.

Module 2 (a) Development Project Initiation and Scoping (TCH3361)

Discusses the development process and has representatives from Right of Way, Utilities and Environmental to provide training and guidance.

Module 2 (b) Development Design and Clearances 1 Planning and Programming (TCH3362)

Addresses Contracts and Specification issues and identifies the roles different groups serve including a presentation by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG).

Module 3 Construction and Maintenance (TCH3363)

This module will highlight critical issues regarding Construction and maintenance operations and will provide training in the FAST application.

Module 4 Financial Management (TCH3364)

This module has representatives from FHWA, ADOT finance and Resource Administration, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable department, Project Accounting and Project Closeout Department that highlight important areas along with answering questions.

Module 5 Communication and Development (TCH3365)

Training and insight from the Disadvantage Business Enterprise Section and the Civil Rights group along with hands on soft skills and interpersonal communication training.

Module 6 Project Resource Office Tools and Resources (TCH3366)

The Project Resource team comes together to provide hands on live training in the various applications and tools that are used by Project Managers including Project Review Board (PRB) request forms, PIRT application, DICE application, TOAST application and ROAD Portal.