Emergency Management

Kevin Duby
Emergency Manager
Phone: 602.663.5063

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Emergency Relief program
Contact: Jerry James
Phone: 602.712.7972

Departmental Emergency Operations Center

The DEOC is focused on operational and supportive efforts of the incidents impacting ADOT.  The ADOT DEOC may be activated in support of the State Emergency Operations Center or on its own.

Examples of scenarios that would cause the ADOT DEOC to activate:

  • Large scale coordination of a single or multiple related incidents (wildfires, major roadway infrastructure failure, large area evacuations, etc.),
  • Outage of ADOT facilities lasting an extended period of time causing interruption or relocation of mission critical functions,
  • Planned events where ADOT resources will need high level coordination and support, and/or
  • Other incidences where demand on ADOT personnel and property calls for the EOC support infrastructure.

For more information on Departmental Emergency Operations Centers, the following classes are suggested:

  • IS-775: EOC Management and Operations
  • IS-552: The Public Works Role in Emergency Management
  • MAG-190 1.0 ICS/DEOC Interface (available through erma.az.gov)

For more information on ADOT's DEOC, contact Emergency Management.