System Maintenance and Management

Deck Park Tunnel

Maintenance of the various electrical/mechanical devices that keep critical life-safety systems working in the tunnel. These systems include ventilation, CO monitoring, fire detection and suppression, as well as a back-up generator to keep these systems fully operational 24/7. This unit also takes an active support role in ensuring the operability of the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and lighting within the tunnel.

Interstate Signing

Interstate signing maintains over 60,000 signs on the interstate freeway system statewide. Responding to sign or structures that are knocked down due to crashes, fires, etc. which can be safety hazard if not acted on immediately.  Installing new signing such as high occupancy vehicle (HOV), wrong way, do not enter, local visitor centers, dust storm, speed reductions, bridge clearance signs, etc.

Metro Urban Pump Station House

Maintenance of the electrical/mechanical systems for 72 pump stations that dewater the roadways and various basins across the Valley. There are anywhere from one to six eight pumps in each station, with more than 250 pumps system-wide.

Pavement Management

Pavement Management is an integral part of the process of developing the 5-year construction program by identifying, prioritizing and recommending pavement preservation projects.

The Pavement Management Section runs ADOT’s construction smoothness incentive/disincentive program, which includes testing the finished pavement for smoothness by one-tenth of a mile and calculating either incentive or disincentive for the contractors. The construction smoothness testing is conducted in an accurate, objective and timely manner. In addition, the section is also responsible for evaluating pavement structural and functional condition with annually surveyed data of cracks, potholes, flushing, IRI, faulting, rutting, FWD deflections and friction.  FWD deflections are major pavement structural design inputs for designing pavement rehabilitation projects.

Roadway Lighting

Roadway Lighting maintains approximately 185,000 fixtures as well as the accompanying supports and electrical distribution system. It is also responsible for maintenance of the more than 33,000 fixtures in the Deck Park Tunnel.

Systems Technology

The Systems Technology Group researches, plans, budgets, develops, and implements innovative Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies, such as connected vehicles.  In addition, the Systems Technology Group reviews Systems Engineering Checklists, offers ITS technologies assistance to ADOT Project Managers, and reviews ITS elements of project deliverables.

Traffic Signals

Maintenance of roughly 200 traffic signals, 350 ramp meter/count stations, 300 CCTV cameras, 140 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), 13 communication node buildings, and 425 miles of fiber-optic communications infrastructure in the Phoenix metro area. The Statewide team is responsible for maintenance of approximately 60 CCTV cameras, 40 DMS, and 18 Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS) across the state (outside the Phoenix metro area).

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