Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Explaining Alternative Fuel and Energy Efficient license plates

 *** UPDATE (5/6/15) *** The availability of energy-efficient license plates for owners of qualified vehicles has ended as the maximum number of plate applications has been reached.  Please see our recent blog post for the latest. 

*** UPDATE (5/20/2014) *** The program requirements for qualifying vehicles have changed. 

Qualifying vehicles will be limited to include only plug-in hybrid electric vehicles according to the certification list established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is responsible for issuing the rules that establish the certification and labeling requirements for low emission and energy-efficient vehicles.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles may be driven for a longer period of time on solely electric power, reducing both the amount of fuel consumed and tailpipe emissions released compared to normal hybrid vehicles. Reduced vehicle pollution supports the purpose of the “Clean Air – Blue Skies” program by encouraging the use of low-emission vehicles to improve the air quality in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Please see this news release for additional information on qualifying vehicles.


Ever since we blogged about alternative fuel and energy efficient license plates more than a year ago, we have received many questions asking for even more clarification... 

And that’s exactly what we aim to deliver to you today with our newest infographic. We’ve taken the most frequently asked questions on this subject and provided all the answers in one convenient spot!

For additional information on alternative fuel and energy efficient license plates (along with all the other plates Arizona has to offer) visit the MVD website for more details.

Blog_Infographic_Alt Fuel FAQs
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