Friday, February 1, 2019

US 93 improvements advancing with latest widening project


By Ryan Harding / ADOT Communications


That’s the number of miles of US 93 between Wickenburg and the Nevada state line that have been upgraded to four-lane divided highway. And we're launching a $35.5 million project that will add nearly 4 more miles to that total.

us-93-corridor-mapThis work just north of Wikieup, between Carrow and Stephens, will connect two sections of highway that have already been divided. That will create a 13-mile continuous stretch of divided four-lane highway from milepost 108, about 15 miles south of I-40, and milepost 121 near Wikieup.

Keeping a future Interstate 11 in mind, ADOT has invested more than half a billion dollars over the past 20 years to turn the primary route between Phoenix and Las Vegas into modern four-lane divided highway. Click on the image at right for a detailed look at what's been completed and what's currently planned.

The upgrade to a four-lane divided highway improves traffic flow, supports the movement of freight and enhances safety through this heavily traveled area. The entire northern segment of US 93 from Kingman to the Nevada state line (mileposts 1 to 68) is now a four-lane divided highway following the completion of a $71 million project in 2010.

Work is expected to launch in the next few weeks, with the majority taking place off of the highway and not impacting motorists for some time.

You can read more about our past, current and planned work for US 93 on our projects website.
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