Friday, July 19, 2019

Art of Transportation: Metal meerkats


By John Dougherty / ADOT Communications

It's not exactly "Meerkat Manor," but you can see how a photographer could easily think of those African mammals and their habit of standing sentry while looking at the top of the new bridge girders on Interstate 17 at Pinnacle Peak. 

These rebar facsimiles will also quickly disappear as the project to expand Pinnacle Peak over I-17 and rebuilt the interchange continues. You can see a more expansive view of what the girder installation looked like in the photo gallery below.

I-17 and Pinnacle Peak Road_070119

Art of Transportation
We think there is beauty in transportation. It’s not all hard hats and pavement. Art of Transportation is a blog series featuring unique photos our team has taken while on the road or on a construction project.
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