International Fuel Tax Agreement - FAQ

International Fuel Tax Agreement

Is there an alternative to an IFTA license?

Yes. If you qualify for an IFTA license but do not choose to obtain one, you must obtain a fuel tax permit from each member jurisdiction (state) in which you travel.

Where can I travel using IFTA credentials?

IFTA credentials are valid for travel in all 48 contiguous states, the District of Columbia and participating Canadian provinces.

Which taxes and fuels do I need to report quarterly for IFTA?

IFTA covers fuel taxes only, so the fuel taxes need to be reported. For fuels, under IFTA, you must generally report information on all fuels used to power a qualified vehicle.

What fees must I pay to obtain an IFTA license?

A $10 initial filing fee is required when you first apply for your IFTA license. A $10 renewal filing fee is required yearly, for the renewal of your IFTA license.

What credentials will I get?

You will receive one Arizona IFTA license and a set of two decals for each qualified motor vehicle. The license and decals are valid for the calendar year.

What if I need to travel before I get my credentials?

You must purchase fuel tax permits to travel in any IFTA jurisdictions and to return to Arizona. You can purchase an Arizona fuel tax permit at an Arizona Port of Entry or at MVD Commercial Permits.

Are there penalties for traveling without valid IFTA credentials or a fuel tax permit?

Yes. If you travel in an IFTA jurisdiction without valid IFTA credentials or a fuel tax permit, you will be subject to a penalty, fine or citation, depending on the individual state's laws. If you enter Arizona without a valid Arizona fuel tax permit or IFTA credentials, you are in violation of a class 2 misdemeanor.

When are IFTA tax filings due?

You will be required to file an IFTA tax report for each calendar quarter and pay any taxes due. The International Fuel Tax Agreement Manual and reporting instructions explain how to submit reports online.