MVD Forms Library

Electronic Data Services Commercial Application

For commercial companies applying for electronic access to the Motor Vehicle Records Request System (MVRRS) to retrieve motor vehicle records and to process batch files.

Electronic Data Services Government Application

For government agencies applying for electronic access to motor vehicle databases to retrieve motor vehicle records, process batch files, retrieve Jury Pull data, upload Operations of Law Liens and to share data between government agencies.

Electronic Funds Transfer Declaration

For motor carriers to request electronic transfers for IFTA, UST, and supplier accounts.

Electronic Records Access Bond

For an applicant for monthly purchase of electronic motor vehicle records to authorize a surety bond for noncompliance.

Electronic Third Party Adjustment Authorization

To initiate a refund or correcting bank deposit to MVD.

Endocrinologist Annual Evaluation Diabetes Waiver

This form must be submitted annually for individulas who need to renew a previously issued intrastate commercial driver license medical waiver for diabetes.

Endocrinologist Evaluation Arizona Intrastate

This Endocrinologist Evaluation form is part of the initial Diabetes Waiver Package 40-1505

Endocrinologist Quarterly Evaluation

This form is completed by endocrinologists to report quarterly on individuals who have been issued an intrastate commercial driver license medical waiver for diabetes

Envelope Permit Application

To transport nonspecific and nonreducible vehicle or cargo.

eSign for Minors

Estimated Mileage Chart

Used to estimate miles for each jurisdiction for apportioned registration reporting.

Estimated Mileage Declaration - Schedule G

Supplement to the Apportioned Registration Application, 70-0502.

Exporter Refund Application

For a licensed fuel exporter to request refund of fuel taxes paid on fuel shipped or diverted to another state in bulk by truck.

Exporter Refund Summary Schedule

Summary of the Exporter Refund Worksheets, in support of Exporter Refund Application.

Exporter Refund Worksheet

To compile fuel exports for a specific type of fuel and destination. The total will be transferred to the Exporter Summary Schedule, in support of Exporter Refund Application, 96-0159.