MVD Forms Library

Film Record Request

For an authorized third party provider to request microfilm copies.

Fingerprint Card Instructions

To provide instructions for completing a fingerprinting card for a person requiring fingerprinting as part of an application process.

Fingerprint Technician

Instructions to insure the identity of applicants who are submitting fingerprints for criminal history record checks.

For Hire Certificate

To certify that a 12,000 lb or less vehicle is used for transporting people, packages or property for compensation, and upon payment of a light motor carrier fee, is exempt from DOR transaction privilege tax on the activity of transporting for hire.

Foreign-Based IFTA Tax Credit Refund Application

For an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) carrier based outside of Arizona to claim the 2 cents per gallon tax refund for fuel purchased in Arizona, but consumed in another state.

Forest Products Use Fuel Refund Application

To request a refund on taxes paid on fuel purchased in compliance with the Arizona Commerce Authority, Healthy Forest Enterprise Incentives Program.

FRP Apportioned Registration Application

For a motor carrier to apply for apportioned registration, or renew or make changes to an existing account.

Fuel Refund Equipment List

To list the equipment upon which a refund application is made.

Fuel Supplier Bond

For an applicant for a motor vehicle fuel supplier license to authorize a surety bond for noncompliance.

Fuel Supplier Tax Report

** Not a PDF file ** Microsoft Excel spreadsheet ** used as a monthly tax report for Arizona fuel suppliers.