MVD Forms Library

Laden Vehicle Demonstration Application

For a dealer to apply for a fourteen (14) day authorization for laden movement of a vehicle for demonstration purposes.

Legal Guardian Explanation

Information Sheet containing the laws that apply to legal guardian authority for a driver license for a minor.

Lessor Authorization

For the lessor of a vehicle to give permission for the lessee name to appear on the vehicle certificate of title and for the lessee to receive the renewal notices and retain ownership of fees paid.

Level I Vehicle Inspection

For use by law Enforcement, MVD and Third Parties to record the results of a vehicle ID verification inspection.

Level II/III Inspection Request Transmittal

For authorized Third Parties to request a Level II or Level III vehicle inspection.

License Plate Complaint

To report that a license seen on a vehicle has a meaning that is offensive or misleading.

License Plate Destruction Log

Weekly report from law enforcement agencies of Arizona license plates removed from vehicles and destroyed.

License/Identification Application (40-5122)

To apply for a driver license, commercial license, instruction permit or identification card.

License/Identification Application (Spanish 40-5122s)

License/Identification Application (Spanish)

Licensing Info Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer

To outline basic application requirements for licensed vehicle manufacturers, distributors and importers.

Licensing Information for Dealers

To outline basic application requirements for licensed vehicle dealers, recyclers, brokers and title service companies. Prints of legal size paper (8.5x14).

Lien Filing

Lien Filing

Lien Release

To be used for a private party lienholder to release a lien on a vehicle, not to be used for Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) purposes.

Lienholder Complaint Report

For a customer to file a complaint to determine if a lienholder should be fined for not providing a title after a lien is satisfied.

Lienholder Information Update

To update name and address information. This will affect lienholder transactions, as well as the record for each vehicle where that EIN is listed as the mailing address for the vehicle registration.

Light Class/Exempt Use Class Declaration

To list the vehicles fueling at an unstaffed (cardlock) dispensing location or vehicles being fueled by a mobile fueler which qualify for the light class or exempt use class tax rate.

Light Class/Exempt Use Class Vendor Use Fuel Log

To list diesel fuel purchases eligible for the 8¢ per gallon light class/exempt use class vehicle rebate.

Limited Function Processor Training

Limited Function Processor Training