MVD Forms Library

Off-Highway Vehicle Decal Application

To apply for a license plate decal for a vehicle to be used off highway. The decal is administered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Off-Premises Permit Application

For a dealer to request a special permit for an exhibition of vehicles at a location other than the established place of business.

Officer Arrest Affidavit

*** For Law Enforcement Use Only *** For a peace officer who arrests a person for the commission of an offense for which, on conviction, suspension of any license or privilege to operate a motor vehicle is required by ARS 28-3309.

One and the Same Certificate

Supporting documentation when the name on an ownership document does not match the signature.

Organization Administrator Application

Authorization to add, edit or deactivate other Organization Representatives

Organization Combine Records Request

For customers to combine EIN or MVD customer numbers into one record.

Organization Disability - Plate/Placard Application

To apply for a disability plate or placard (both permanent and temporary), to add a disability symbol to a special license plate, or for a hearing impaired license plate or placard.

Out of State Driver License Extension Application (fillable)

Out of State Driver License Extension Application (fillable)

Out of State Extension

Out of State Extension

Oversize/Overweight Class C Permit Application

To obtain approval for movement of a Class C oversize/weight load.

Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

For movement of specific oversize and/or overweight loads with exact dimensions, and exact weights.

Owner Affidavit

Owner Affidavit