MVD System Changes


MVD is making it easier for you to get license plates, registration tabs, and titles and other important documents. Customers now get those items conveniently delivered to the home or office by U.S. Mail. Select a link below for more information.


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Central Fulfillment


Customers will no longer receive a title in an office. The title information will be in the customer's AZ MVD Now account. Customers may also request a copy be mailed to them. Similarly, when customers pay off vehicle loans, they will receive a notice verifying the lien has been released and the title will be held electronically. 

License Plates

Metal license plates will no longer be issued in MVD or Authorized Third Party offices. Instead, customers will receive their actual license plate number printed on a special type of paper. The paper must be posted on the vehicle in the place of the metal license plate until the metal license plate is received in the mail. If the license plate is purchased online, the customer will be able to print a temporary license plate from home. This temporary license plate will be valid while the request is processed.


When a customer requests a disability placard, a printed document with the information will be provided for use temporarily until the placard arrives in the mail.

Registration Tabs

Registration tabs, including those for resident Off Highway Vehicles (OHV), will no longer be printed in MVD or Authorized Third Party offices. Customers will receive a receipt of the transaction, which serves as temporary proof of registration, and the tab will be sent in the mail. Law enforcement will be able to see registration status updates immediately.

Business Customers

  • Business customers will be able to sign up for an AZ MVD Now account. Currently, this is done by invitation-only, but will be extended to all business customers. Once established in AZ MVD Now, those customers will be able to manage their own vehicles, including fleets, without requiring a visit or call to MVD.
  • Business customers that currently interface with MVD through a ServiceArizona business suite will continue to do so through the business suite.
  • Business customers that would like to establish an interface with MVD through the existing business suite will need to establish an organizational account in the new system.
  • MVD will begin printing “PERM” directly on license plates in lieu of a removable tab.

Mobile Homes

Mobile home titles will be processed through a new system, separate from the MVD's primary system. In addition, mobile home titles will be issued through a centralized process. Customers will no longer receive a paper title in an office. The official title form will be mailed to the customer.

Motor Carrier

Interstate registrations will no longer have to be done all at once for Motor Carrier customers. Instead, owners will receive a renewal invitation for each vehicle.

Title and Registration

Note: Customers receive license plates, registration tabs and vehicle titles through the U.S. Mail and are no longer be able to obtain them at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office. Customers should make sure their address is current and complete with the U.S. Postal Service and MVD. 


When you title or register a vehicle in Arizona, you no longer automatically receive a paper title. The title information will be in your AZ MVD Now account.  Similarly, when you pay off a vehicle loan, you will receive notice verifying the lien has been released and the title will be held electronically. 

If you want a paper title, call 602.255.0072 and request one to be mailed to you. The fee is $4.


Customers will only be able to obtain a three-day permit online if they and their vehicle are already in the MVD system. Otherwise, customers will need to obtain the permit from an MVD office or Authorized Third Party provider.

Sold Vehicle

If you sell your vehicle, you may request a vehicle registration credit through AZ MVD Now, if applicable. The credit will be applied to your AZ MVD Now account. You may use the money in the account on a future service in an MVD office or request a refund through AZ MVD Now.


A customer may obtain a replacement copy of their vehicle registration document online. If the customer registered their vehicle or renewed the vehicle's registration after the new system launched in April, then the registration may be re-printed at AZ MVD Now at no cost. If the customer registered their vehicle or renewed the vehicle’s registration prior to that date, then the customer needs to request a replacement registration and tab from AZ MVD Now (for a fee).

The vehicle registration form will now include an effective date for the vehicle registration. For example, if the registration was due on May 15, 2020, the registration form will reflect that date, as well as the official June 1, 2020 effective date. The registration is effective continuously, and without a gap before the effective date. 



  • What is AZ MVD Now?
    AZ MVD Now is the Motor Vehicle Division’s new online platform. It’s fast, easy, secure and personalized for you. Activate your account online
  • How does AZ MVD Now improve on current online options?
    It’s customized for you. Once you set up your account and log in you will see your information on your personalized home page. From there, you can easily conduct motor vehicle business
  • How much does AZ MVD Now cost?
    The account is free. Charges for individual services are set by the State of Arizona. There are no additional fees for online services.