Licensing Information

Regulations, Restrictions and Requirements

Definitions (ARS 28-4301)

"Distributor" or "Wholesaler" means a person who sells or distributes new motor vehicles to a new motor vehicle dealer in this state or who maintains distributor representatives in this state.

"Distributor Branch" means a branch office maintained or availed of by a distributor or wholesaler for the sale of new motor vehicles to new motor vehicle dealers in this state or for directing or supervising its representatives in this state.

"Manufacturer" means any person who manufacturers or assembles new motor vehicles or who manufacturers or installs on previously assembled truck chassis special bodies or equipment which when installed from an integral part of the new motor vehicle and which constitute a major manufacturing alteration, but does not include the installation of a camper on a pickup truck.

Application (ARS 28-4361)

  1. Complete the application in full.
  2. If the applicant is not a resident of Arizona and engages in any business in this state, the applicant must designate an agent or the assistant director of the Motor Vehicle Division upon whom service of process may be made in Arizona and list that agent in the application where applicable.
  3. An authorized agent of the manufacturer of domestic or foreign-made vehicles must sign and have on file by the distributor a certificate of appointment .

Fees (ARS 28-4361)

  • Filing: $15
  • License: $100

Submit a check with the application for $115.00, payable to MVD

Bond (ARS 28-4361)

A bond is not required for a Manufacturer or Distributor license.

Documentation (ARS 28-4463)

The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • Blanket written agreement used for all franchised dealers
  • Certificate of appointment for each franchise or a list of franchisees
  • Copy of the delivery and preparation form
  • Copy of the VIN plate
  • List of all franchises
  • Copy of your sample MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin) front and back
  • Product brochure
  • Photos of site
    • Building
    • Address
    • Sign
  • Notice of intention, if a franchisor intends to establish an additional new motor vehicle dealership within a 10-mile area in a community where a same line/make dealer is established. A 20 mile area is used in counties where the population is less than 200,000.

A written agreement or certificate of appointment need not be filed for each franchised dealer if the manufacturer or distributor uses the identical basic agreement for all of its franchised dealers and has filed a blanket agreement.

Manufacturer Test Plates (ARS 28-4531)

Class Description Fee
MT Passenger cars and unladen trucks $30
12M000 Light Weight Laden, GVW less than 12,000 lbs $36
26M000 Middle Weight Laden, GVW 12,000 to 26,000 lbs $253
80M000 Heavy Weight Laden, GVW more than 26,000 lbs $1,070

All vehicles operated under the authority of the assigned manufacturer plates must be in compliance with the Uniform Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act and remain in compliance for the entire registration period.

If a test plate is lost or stolen, a written report must be made immediately to Dealer Licensing, identifying the test plate by type and number and include all available data concerning the lost or theft.

A validation tab will be issued to each assigned test plate.

Record Keeping (ARS 28-4542)

A written record must be maintained of the vehicles on which the test plates are used, and the persons to whom each test plate is assigned. The record must be available for inspection by any MVD agent or peace officer.

Manufacturers of Trailers

All manufacturers of trailers must make contact with the following agency for information on assigning proper vehicle identification numbers to manufactured trailers.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Department of Vehicle Safety
400 Seventh St. SW
Washington, D.C. 20590
Toll Free: 888.327.4236

Trailer Dealer Plates (TR) will be assigned to manufacturers of trailers instead of Manufacturer Test Plates (MT).

Intent to Terminate or Add a Franchise (ARS 28-4453)

If a franchisor intends to terminate or not continue any franchise, or intends to enter into a franchise establishing an additional dealership of the same line/make, the franchisor must file a notice with Dealer Licensing of their intent to terminate or not continue the franchise or enter into a franchise for additional representation of the same line/make.

The notice must contain the name and address of the franchisee, the reason why the line/make is being terminated and the effective date of the termination.

Electronic Access Requirement

All licensees are required to have computer and Internet access. Electronic access is required to accomplish various business functions related to your dealer license that includes renewing licenses, plates, and corresponding with Dealer Licensing.


Please contact the Dealer Licensing Unit by emailing [email protected].