Dealer Licensing Criminal Records Check

Please read this section carefully before you begin the fingerprinting process.

Where to Obtain Fingerprinting Services

See the list of law-enforcement agencies where fingerprinting services are available.

General Information

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 28-4361, fingerprints are required to be submitted with each application for a motor vehicle dealer license, so that a state and federal criminal records check can be conducted. This process is coordinated through the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

This process applies to sole owners, general partners and all individuals listed as having 20% or more stock or ownership.  Please provide a single fingerprint card with a set of rolled fingerprints. Please make sure that the prints are legible. If they are smudged or blurred, the prints will be rejected and you will be required to submit an additional set.  The fingerprint card and Technician Form are to be submitted in the sealed envelope that is provided with the fingerprint card.  This envelope is to be submitted with the application packet.

While fingerprinting requirements vary depending on location, here are some general guidelines:

  • Have at least one valid form of government-issued identification with a photograph available.
  • You may be charged a fee by the fingerprinting agency.
  • Sign the card in the presence of the law-enforcement officer or the fingerprint technician.
  • You must have the individual rolling your fingerprints sign the card in the designated space.
  • You must use the blue and white fingerprint card # FD-258.
Where to Send Fingerprint Card

Mail your completed fingerprint card, along with your application to this address:

Motor Vehicle Division
Dealer Licensing Unit
P.O. BOX 2100, MD 552M
Phoenix, AZ 85001