Vehicle for Hire Licensing

Taxi, Livery and Limousines

Existing decals for 2017 (pink decal) are no longer valid as recent changes in statute have repealed the issuance of decals.  Having a previously issued 2017 decal does not remove the requirement to get a Vehicle for Hire company permit.

New businesses need to submit a paper application in order for the Department to set up their account. Once your completed application has been received, reviewed, and processed you will be notified on how to log onto the ServiceArizona business portal.

Vehicles for Hire Licensing

For more information please read the recent licensing changes tab.

Required documents, detailed instructions and vehicle compliance requirements are described on this site.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 602.712.5948 or by email at

Please make sure you submit all required information. Also, please make certain your company contact information (email, phone numbers and addresses) is kept current. Report any changes to the Department.
Valid Permit Report
Additional Resources

City of Scottsdale: The City of Scottsdale is providing information on its website pertaining to Scottsdale-specific enforcement actions that may be taken against Transportation Carts.

Information on Scottsdale Transportation Carts

Other jurisdictions may have additional requirements. Please contact them directly for further information. 

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