Vehicle for Hire Licensing

Taxi, Livery and Limousines

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my vehicle for a Vehicle for Hire Permit?

§28-9503 Vehicle for Hire company permits; fees; violation; classification

  1. A Vehicle for Hire Company may not operate in this state unless the Vehicle for Hire company is issued a permit by the department. 

How do I apply for a Vehicle for Hire Permit?

§28-9503 Vehicle for Hire company permits; fees; violation; classification

The Vehicle for Hire Company may apply to the department on forms prescribed by the department. The permit is valid for three years.

  • Information for the Vehicle for Hire application process and steps on how to apply are found on the Vehicle for Hire Licensing webpage under the Process and License Requirements tab. 

Can I come to the office to fill out the application?

Please submit your application by email or postal mail. You may drop off a completed application at MVD offices, 1801 W Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ 85007. 

Can you print my permit for me?

Your account is on a secure site. We do not have access to your account and are not able to print permits for your business. 

How do I get a permit for my golf cart?

Golf carts are not required to be licensed. We only license golf carts that are conducting a business, which are called Transportation Carts or Pedicabs. 

More information on golf carts and pedicabs

Where do I send my insurance documents, drug testing records, and other required documents?

These files are only needed upon request. You should keep files for all the vehicles in your fleet, but they are not required to be sent to our department unless requested. 

Do I have to pay an application fee?

Fees are only applied to Taxi vehicles.

  1. A vehicle for hire company may not operate in this state unless the vehicle for hire company is issued a permit by the department. The vehicle for hire company may apply to the department on forms prescribed by the department. The permit is valid for three years. The department shall charge and collect an application fee of twenty-four dollars per vehicle that is used as a taxi by the vehicle for hire company at the time of application, not to exceed a total of one thousand dollars per applicant. ARS §28-9503 (A)

How do I access my ServiceArizona account?

Contact the Vehicle for Hire Program at 602.712.5948 to apply for an account. 

Am I a taxi, livery, or limousine?

Please refer to the Vehicle for Hire webpage where you will find a list of compliances under the Compliance Requirements tab. The Vehicle for Hire categories are identified next to these requirements with a check mark for the ones that apply to each category. If there is no check, you are not required to follow that compliance.

Where do I bring my vehicle for an inspection?

Inspections are based off complaints and done on a random basis by the Compliance Department. We do not require an inspection upon receipt of application.

Where do I get my meter calibrated?

There is a list of Registered Service Agents available under the Helpful Links tab. 

How do I get the decal?

Decals are no longer being issued. Please refer to the Recent licensing changes tab. 

What endorsements do I need to drive as a vehicle for hire?

There are no endorsements regulated by Vehicle for Hire. 

I received a letter to verify my insurance, why?

Vehicle for Hire no longer applies any codes to the vehicles in a Vehicle for Hire company. If you receive a letter from Mandatory Insurance regarding insurance verification, you will need to contact them directly. Contact: 602.712.4300.

I want to drive for a rideshare company; how do I get a permit?

We do not regulate rideshare drivers. Please contact your company directly.  

How do I make changes to my account? How do I do a Change of Ownership?

All companies have the independence to make changes to their own account. There are times when you may forget the information (password, security question) to access your account, which may require you to make changes (email address, contact person, etc.)in order to gain access. Unfortunately, we cannot make these changes without confirming the request is coming from the contacts listed on the account. We do not divulge any information to anyone outside of the authorized contacts listed in ServiceArizona. If you would like to update your account information, you can always log into your ServiceArizona account to do so; but if you are not able to access your account and would like the department to make those changes, you will need to submit a VFH Change Request Form.

If you are doing a Change of Ownership and have gone through the legal process of changing your company name and vehicles over to another party, you will fill out the VFH Change Request Form.

Please be reminded: Arizona Administrative Codes R17-5-1004 requires Vehicle for Hire companies to notify the department within 10 business days of changes made to the account and within 30 days for a Change of Ownership. Arizona Administrative Codes R17-5-906 asks that Transportation Network Companies notify the Department within 10 business days of any changes made to the name or contact information, as well.

The Arizona Ombudsman – Citizens Aide helps you resolve ongoing issues with State Agencies.

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