Vehicle for Hire Licensing

Transportation Network Companies (TNC)

Compliance Requirements

Indicates Document is Required
  Indicates Document Is Required
1 Outside/Exterior Signage: The TNC shall be required to display trade dress to identify the TNC vehicle with a particular TNC while the vehicle is used to provide services. The TNC must file an illustration of the trade dress with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Indicates Document is Required
2  Inside/Interior Signage: Statute requires the TNC digital network or software application to display a picture of the TNC driver and the license plate number of the motor vehicle used for providing the service. 
Indicates Document is Required
3 Fee Calculation: The TNC shall disclose to passengers the fare calculation method on its website or within the digital network or software application. Indicates Document is Required
4 Fees: A device license fee of $1,000 per 3 year permit. Indicates Document is Required
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