On June 30, 2019 ADOT began its first renewal cycle since assuming responsibility for the Vehicle for Hire program from Weights and Measures. With that transition came the ability to create an easier and more streamlined online renewal process. All companies due for renewal will be contacted via the email address on file with the Department. Two reminder notices will be sent; 90 days and 30 days prior to expiration. Simply login to your ServiceArizona Secure Access Gateway account, renew, and print your new permit(s). A user guide is provided below to help walk you through the steps.

As a reminder to those permittees who have not maintained current contact information, you will not receive renewal notices. As a requirement to maintaining permitted status, you must be in compliance with Arizona Administrative Codes R17-5-1004 and R17-5-906 that require notification to the Department within 10 business days of changes made to the account and 30 days for a change of ownership. If no contact can be established, the department will close permits within 5 business days after expiration. 

The Department will assist with updating contact information via submission of a VFH Change Request Form. After changes are made to your account, you will receive a temporary password to login from [email protected]. As a courtesy, there will be no late renewal fees assessed this renewal period ending in December 2019.

If you have questions or need further assistance please contact us [email protected].