CA Recertification Submittal

Beginning fall of 2018, ADOT Local Public Agency Section will begin the recertification process for the existing eight Certified Acceptance (CA) agencies. Through the CA Agreement, ADOT and the CA Agency will adhere to the responsibilities and requirements set forth by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) when implementing the Federal Aid Highway Program (FAHP) in Arizona. This page will show up-to-date information on the recertification process for current CA agencies and provide ADOT’s expectations for the CA Agency in delivering the FAHP, including the necessary project delivery processes and procedures.

CA Instructions For Recertification Submittals

The Certification Acceptance Assessment Packet provides guidance for the Agency to evaluate and/or develop procedures in the administrative areas identified in the CA Agreement for compliance in delivering the FAHP.

Below is the schedule with due dates and instructions for CA Assessment Packet section submittals. Completed section submittals must be uploaded using Citrix ShareFile, a secure, online file transfer and sharing tool. CA Liaisons will receive an email invite linking them to a CA Agency designated folder to upload submittals.

The packet contains a list of essential documents and assessment questions related to each administrative area requiring ADOT review and approval. It is not mandatory for the Agency to have a single procedural document or manual for delivering the FAHP; however, it is highly recommended.

1. Download the Certification Acceptance Assessment Packet submittal sections from the hyperlinks below:

 Submittals Sections  Submit to ADOT LPA   Section by 9 a.m.
 Procurement (Materials and/or Install)  12/7/18
 Procurement (Consultant)  1/15/19*
 Roadway (Pavement Design, Design Guidelines and Design Exceptions)  1/31/19
 Materials (Quality Assurance)  1/31/19
 Right of Way  1/31/19
 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)  2/28/19
 Project Delivery Manual  3/29/19
 Staffing Plan  3/29/19
 Bid Analysis and Award  3/29/19
 Subcontractor Approval  4/30/19
 Financial Management  4/30/19

*Extended from December 31, 2018

Download the complete Assessment Packet.

2. Title each submittal section using the naming convention below:


Date_CA Agency Name_Document Title

Example:  20181019_Scottsdale_Procurement (Consultant)


3. Each section submittal must contain the completed Assessment Questions page as the cover page.

CA Assessment Packet Guidance and Instructions

  • Note the due date for the submittal of the checklist and corresponding document(s) listed. Documents provided after the final ADOT submittal date for that submittal may jeopardize the Agency’s CA status.
  • Locate the Agency document(s) or manual(s) where procedures are housed for delivering FAHP projects.
  • Compare and evaluate the current Agency procedures contained within the Agency’s document(s) or manual(s) with the questions on the checklist.
  • Update the current Agency procedures, where necessary.
  • Answer “yes” or “no” for each question. Provide a brief explanation for each “no” answer.
  • Identify the document, page, and paragraph for each question.
  • Fill in the “Prepared by” box identifying who in the Agency verified the Agency’s procedures and answered each question to complete the checklist.
  • Submit the checklist and corresponding document(s) to the ADOT LPA Section.
  • When submitting a document in its entirety, please include a Table of Contents (TOC).
  • Please flag applicable pages within lengthy documents.
  • Incomplete Assessment submittals will not be accepted. Should a CA Agency be unable to submit or complete their recertification as required, their 2019 Recertification may be placed at risk and necessitate projects to be transferred to ADOT. These actions would require intergovernmental agreements be established until the Agency is recertified.

CA Assessment Packet Commonly Used Acronyms

 AASHTO  American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials  
 ADA  Americans with Disabilities Act
 A/E  Architectural/Engineering
 ADOT  Arizona Department of Transportation
 BECO  Business Engagement Compliance Office
 CA  Certification Acceptance
 C.F.R.  Code of Federal Regulations
 CUF  Commercially Useful Function
 DBE  Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
 ECS  Engineering Consultants Section
 EEO  Equal Employment Opportunity 
 EPRISE  DBE Special Provisions
 FAHP  Federal-aid Highway Program
 FHWA  Federal Highway Administration
 GFE  Good Faith Effort 
 IGA  Intergovernmental Agreement
 LPA  Local Public Agency
 MAG  Maricopa Association of Governments 
 NCHRP  National Cooperative Highway Research Program
 NEPA  National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
 NHS  National Highway System
 NOT  Notice of Termination
 OJT  On-the-Job Training  
 QA  Quality Assurance 
 PAG  Pima Association of Governments 
 PS&E  Plans, Specifications and Estimates
 QBS  Qualifications Based Selection
 RDG  Roadway Design Group 
 RFQ  Request for Qualifications
 ROW  Right-of-Way
 SWPPP  Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

CA Manual Updates

Please send CA Manual updates to Jennifer Catapano no later than December 7, 2018.

CA Agreement

Please send suggested agreement changes to Jennifer VanVenRoy no later than December 7, 2018.