Materials Group

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The Materials Group consists of central and regional laboratories. Each laboratory maintains AASHTO accreditation for the state and provide materials-related technical support; conduct research into construction materials and methods; develop test methods and specifications; and perform testing of soils and aggregates, asphaltic concrete, asphalt binder, concrete, cement, steel and other structural materials. The regional labs are responsible for monitoring the tests performed by project-specific labs and for conducting independent assurance and correlation testing in an effort to maintain uniform testing procedures statewide.

ADOT Construction and Materials Manuals

The ADOT Materials Testing Manual, ADOT Materials Practice and Procedure Directives (PPD) Manual, ADOT Construction Manual, and ADOT Preliminary Engineering and Design Manual are available for download.

ADOT Materials Bulletins

The ADOT Materials Bulletins, provide the most up-to-date standards regarding construction materials used on ADOT projects and are available for download.

Laboratory Inspection Program

The Laboratory Inspection Program administers all materials testing laboratories that perform testing activities for the department. Compliance to test procedures and equipment requirements are included in the inspection.

Materials Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Section of the ADOT Construction and Materials Group is committed to ensuring the highest-quality standard for materials sampling and testing throughout the state of Arizona.

Structural Materials Testing

Recording and storing results of concrete cylinder testing performed during road construction is a function of numerous construction offices throughout the state. Through a number of computer applications, these testing results are captured, stored, and regularly utilized internally. This information is provided for the general public as well as current and potential vendors wishing to do business with ADOT.

Technician Certification

The purpose of technician certification through ATTI is to ensure that the technician can demonstrate competency in appropriate Arizona and AASHTO test procedures through actual demonstration of test procedures, written examination and required calculations.

ADOT Materials Sample Checklists

Materials Coordinators may obtain past and current Materials Sample Checklists here.

ADOT Forms - Fillable Testing Cards (Laboratory and Field)

Fillable testing cards for asphalt, soils, etc. can be found by following the link above. .

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