75th Avenue/Loop 101 Interchange Improvements

Improvements are planned to the Loop 101 interchange at 75th Avenue to add a third southbound left turn lane onto eastbound Loop 101 to accommodate peak morning traffic flows. Interchange improvements at 75th Avenue will be designed and constructed in conjunction with the planned Loop 101 widening project between 75th Avenue and Interstate 17.

Loop 101 Agua Freeway Interchange MapThe third left turn lane on 75th Avenue would be added within the existing roadway by restriping the lanes, without the need for additional right of way or bridge widening. The eastbound Loop 101 on-ramp at 75th Avenue, which is currently two lanes, will be reconstructed to accommodate a third lane.

The project team is currently evaluating three design alternatives to accommodate this third lane. In addition to the modifications to 75th Avenue and the eastbound on-ramp, the design alternatives also affect the eastbound off-ramp at 67th Avenue and potentially impact the eastbound frontage road and right of way between 75th and 67th avenues. 75th Ave Project Fact Sheet

All three alternatives would include:

  • Adding a third left turn lane from southbound 75th Ave to eastbound Loop 101.
  • Adding a third lane to the eastbound Loop 101 on-ramp at 75th Avenue.
  • Modifying the existing 75th Avenue median islands, traffic signals, signing and pavement markings.
  • Adding signalized ramp meters for traffic entering eastbound Loop 101.
  • Removing and replacing affected freeway landscaping
  • Removing and replacing existing freeway and ramp lighting and affected freeway landscaping.
  • Adding freeway and ramp signing and pavement markings.

Alternative 1: 67th Avenue / 75th Avenue Braided Ramps

View A1 Design Concept

Alternative 1 Animation

  • The existing eastbound 67th Avenue off-ramp would be removed and replaced with a new off-ramp, which would connect with the Loop 101 mainline west of 75th Avenue.
  • The new 67th Avenue off-ramp would go under the new eastbound 75th Avenue on-ramp, then continue to connect directly with 67th Avenue.
  • The new eastbound 75th Ave on-ramp would be reconstructed over the new 67th Avenue off-ramp.
  • Would require a new bridge and retaining walls on Loop 101 for the 67th Avenue off-ramp and 75th Avenue on-ramp.
  • No new right of way is required.
  • Estimated cost of construction is approximately $30 million.

Alternative 2: 67th Avenue Off-Ramp Consolidated with the 75th Avenue Off-Ramp

View A2 Design Concept

Alternative 2 Animation

  • The existing eastbound 67th Avenue off-ramp would be removed and 67th Avenue off-ramp traffic would use the existing 75th Avenue eastbound off-ramp and continue on the eastbound frontage road to 67th Avenue.
  • The existing 75th Avenue eastbound off-ramp would be widened to two lanes exiting Loop 101 and five lanes at the intersection with 75th Avenue.
  • A third lane would be added to the eastbound frontage road between 75th and 67th avenues to accommodate the additional 67th Avenue off-ramp traffic.
  • New right of way would be required on the south side of the eastbound frontage road from 75th Avenue to 67th Avenue.
  • Estimated cost of construction is approximately $15 million.

Alternative 3: 75th Avenue/67th Avenue Ramp Widening and extended 75th Ave on-ramp

View A3 Design Concept

Alternative 3 Animation

  • The existing eastbound 67th Ave off-ramp would remain in the same place but would be widened to a two-lane exit.
  • An additional lane would be added to eastbound Loop 101 between the eastbound 75th Avenue on-ramp and the eastbound 67th Avenue on-ramp to provide additional distance for traffic merging onto Loop 101.
  • No new right of way is required.
  • Estimated cost of construction is approximately $12 million.

Selection of a design alternative for 75th Avenue is needed before design plans for the Loop 101 widening project between 75th Avenue and I-17 can be finalized. ADOT and its project partners are currently seeking the public’s input on these alternatives. The public’s input, along with engineering and cost considerations, will be used to select the alternative that will move forward into final design.

The public will have an opportunity to review and provide input on the 75th Avenue interchange alternatives through March 10 using the methods listed below:

  • Online Survey: Take a brief online survey.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: Call 855.712.8530
  • Mail:
    John Tucker, ADOT Community Relations
    1655 W Jackson, Room 179, MD 126F
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
  • A virtual Public Meeting was held Feb. 10. (Visit Public Meeting page for details including a recording of the meeting)

Project Background

In 2020, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) completed a feasibility analysis to identify possible alternatives to improve operations at the Loop 101/75th Avenue traffic interchange. Alternatives to add triple-left turns from southbound 75th Avenue onto eastbound Loop 101 were recommended to be advanced for further study.