ADOT Business Coach On Demand

ADOT is committed to helping businesses — especially small and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) — enhance their opportunities to participate in ADOT contracts. This website is dedicated to providing accessible guidance about how to work with ADOT, from beginning to end.  If you can’t find what you need in the website, or want a little help, just ask a question.

What Do You Need Help With?

Start Here - Business Coach

Getting Started - Guide to Basic Requirements for Working with ADOT

There are a few things all businesses need to do before working with ADOT. Visit the "Getting Started" guide to learn more.



Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program - Guide to the Application Process

Many small businesses may benefit from becoming certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) or registering as a Small Business Concern (SBC). Both the DBE and SBC programs help businesses seeking ADOT contracting opportunities.  Visit the "Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program" guide to learn more about these programs and how to apply for them.



Find Work

Learning About Bidding Opportunities - Guide to Finding Work

One of the first steps in learning to obtain ADOT work is identifying contracting opportunities, including work as a prime contractor or consultant, subcontractor, trucker/hauler or materials supplier. The information provided includes where to find bidding opportunities and how to access them, as well as ways to expand your number of bidding opportunities.  Visit the "Learning about Bid Opportunities" guide to learn more.


Bid Jobs

Preparing to Bid - Guide to Bidding on ADOT Projects

The steps necessary to be prepared to bid or propose on ADOT work vary depending on the type of contract or subcontract and the services your business provides. We have separated biddable contracts into three general types: (a) construction contracts; (b) architectural and engineering design contracts; and (c) other goods and services contracts. This website is designed to help guide you through the process depending on your line of business. Visit the "Preparing to Bid" guide to learn more.


Do Work

Meeting Contract Requirements - Guide to Successfully Completing ADOT Projects

Working with ADOT can involve a number of administrative requirements.  This website aims to provide support and guidance to help you successfully complete an ADOT contract or subcontract after you win it. Information is separated depending on the type of work you do. Visit the "Meeting Contract Requirements" guide to learn more.



Key ADOT Departments and Contacts - Guide to Getting your Questions Answered

ADOT is a large organization, so it may be challenging to figure out who to talk to if you have questions or need help. Here we will tell you little about each department and show you how to contact them. Visit the "Key ADOT Departments and Contacts" guide to learn more. 


Get Forms

Resource Documents - Guide to Key Forms and Manuals

There are many documents, manuals, forms and guides that will help you to secure and complete work on ADOT projects. While each department has their own comprehensive library, we’ve collected some of the more frequently used ones here for your convenience. Visit the "Resource Documents" guide to learn more.


Seek Help

DBE/Small Business Assistance - Guide to Small Business Support Services

Many small construction, engineering and other businesses in Arizona have been started by owners who are experts in their specialized fields, but may need some assistance in estimating, bidding, accounting, payroll, reporting and other administrative tasks. Business owners may not be familiar with how to obtain bonding, insurance and working capital. Fortunately, there are many free resources for getting help, including financial and business planning assistance; other training and education; networking opportunities; workshops; webinars and more. Visit the "DBE/Small Business Assistance" guide to learn more.