Roadway Engineering

Roadway Design Plans

Roadway Design

The Roadway Design Section’s responsibility typically begins with the scoping phase of the project. Roadway provides Predesign with comments and design solutions during the development of the Project Assessment. Roadway Design projects range from minor pavement preservation projects to highly complex grade and drains. During the Design phase for grade and drain projects, the Roadway Design Section is responsible for the geometric aspects of the construction project based on a previously determined scope.

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Roadway Predesign

The Predesign Section prepares and reviews Scoping Documents, Change of Access Reports and Design Exception/Variance Requests.

Drainage Design

Drainage Design

The Drainage Design Section provides technical expertise in the field of hydrology, hydraulics and water resources engineering to all the units of the Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Division (IDO).

Roadside Development

Roadside Development

The Roadside Development Section provides landscape architectural and environmental technical design direction and expertise for Arizona Department of Transportation projects statewide.

Pavement Design Plans

Pavement Design

The Pavement Design Section designs new flexible and rigid pavements and recommends rehabilitation treatments for existing deteriorated pavements.  The Section also reviews and approves pavement designs prepared by consultants for ADOT projects.

ADOT Surveyor

Engineering Survey

The Engineering Survey section provides aerial photography, engineering surveys and topographic maps to assist designers in the selection and design of projects in ADOT programs.

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Roadway Review supports the delivery of the Five-Year Program by reviewing scoping documents, permits, plans, specifications and estimates to ensure they are constructible, cost effective and in compliance with the appropriate policies, standards and procedures.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sign

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The ADA Section oversees the implementation of ADOT’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan related to roadways within public right-of-way.  The section provides guidance related to ADA requirements and standards throughout the development process.

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