Title Lien (for Owners) - FAQ

After I pay off my loan, how soon will I get my title from my lienholder?

When a lienholder has credited the final payment the title will remain electronic.  If a paper title is needed, for reasons like moving out of state, you can complete a Title Replacement service on AZ MVD Now.    

I received my original title from my out of state lienholder with a lien release.  Am I now required to apply for a lien-free title?

Yes. You should apply for a lien-free Arizona title.

I want to sell my vehicle this weekend, but because the lienholder is holding my title, I cannot give the title to the new owner. What should I do?

The seller must work with the lender to have the lien electronically released, and then the seller can use the Title Transfer Bill of Sale form (#38-1306) to sign over the vehicle to the buyer.

I'm leaving the state tomorrow and have sold my vehicle. The lien is paid, but I have not yet received the title and lien release. What documents can I give the buyer to complete the sale?

The seller can use the Title Transfer Bill of Sale form (#38-1306) to sign over the vehicle to the buyer.

I want to trade my vehicle in at a dealership and the lienholder has my title. What should I do?

The dealer will request that you initial and sign a Dealer Acquisition Contract in lieu of presenting a title at the time of a trade-in.

The insurance company declared my vehicle a total loss as a result of a crash. The lienholder has my title. How do I obtain my title for the insurance company so they can pay me?

Your insurance company should contact the lienholder to obtain the title.

I want to add another owner on my title and there is a lien on my vehicle. What should I do?

Contact your lienholder. If they permit an additional owner, they will process the change. A new registration will be created and applicable registration fees will need to be paid.  A credit of the prior registration fees will be placed in the original owner’s account, and a disbursement can be requested through AZ MVD Now.

A law enforcement officer has advised me that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on my current registration doesn’t match my vehicle. I have a lien on my vehicle. How do I get a corrected title?

Visit any MVD office where a vehicle inspection will be conducted. Provide the inspection document to your lienholder who will process the corrected title.

What can I do if my lienholder does not release the lien after I have paid off my loan?

You may apply for an MVD Administrative Hearing if your lienholder does not release the lien within 15 business days from full satisfaction of the lien.