Title Lien (for Lienholders) - FAQ

Will there be a $4 title fee to electronically remove the lien once the account is paid in full?

No. The vehicle record will be updated with the lien release, and the title will remain electronic.

How long does it take for a lien to be released electronically?

Typically, the lien is released by the next business day. 

If my lienholder address is listed incorrectly on the title, how do I go about correcting the title?

Submit a signed application for title and applicable fees. The vehicle record will then be corrected.

If a title is not available at time of payoff, such as a trade in at a dealer or title held by lienholder, what procedure does the buying party follow?

The dealer will have a properly executed Dealer Acquisition Contract and an Arizona Secure Power of Attorney signed by the seller. This gives the dealer authority to act on behalf of the seller. The sale of the vehicle can move forward.

My customer got married. How do I update their title?

Submit a signed application for title, letter of permission, and applicable fees. The vehicle record will be updated.

Under what conditions is a new title required when existing information changes on the current title?


The current title must be surrendered when obtaining a replacement title for

  • changing lien information.
  • adding, deleting, or changing a lienholder or owner.
  • changing owner or lienholder legal status.
  • changing AZ brand.
  • changing vehicle identification number.
  • changing vehicle year.
  • changing odometer.
  • changing make.
  • changing body style.
  • changing mobile home manufacturer.


Where should lienholders submit title work?

Submit title work to an MVD or authorized third-party office.