Motor Carrier Services - FAQ

International Registration Plan

Will my vehicles still have to be emissions tested?

No. Arizona apportioned registered vehicles are exempt from Arizona emission testing requirements.

How are apportioned vehicles renewed?

Each year you will receive a renewal notice with a list of all vehicles that are currently registered in your apportioned fleet.

  • Review the IRP Renewal Guidelines and make any needed corrections or updates to the IRP Renewal Invitation (delete vehicles).
  • Then, mail the renewal information to Motor Carrier Services or visit an authorized third-party provider. They will process your changes and send you an invoice.

How can I make my apportioned registration payment?

Options available for payment are as follows:

  • Mail check or money order to:

    Mail Drop 527M
    Motor Carrier Services
    PO Box 2100
    Phoenix, AZ 85001-2100

  • Call 602-712-6775 to pay with credit card.
  • An Authorized third-party provider
    Note:  Must be an authorized third party provider that processes Apportioned registrations.

Is there a charge for replacing a lost plate or cab card?

Yes, there is a $5 fee charged for replacement of an apportioned plate or cab card (plus a postage fee).

Is there an alternative to IRP registration?

All vehicles must have valid registration to operate on the highways of the Arizona. If you are eligible for IRP registration, but do not wish to obtain this type of interstate registration, you have the option of applying for full Arizona base plate registration and then stopping at each state's port of entry to purchase single trip permits as you travel through various states.

What fees are paid for registration?

The Arizona fees include registration fee, vehicle license tax, commercial registration fee, weight fee, motor carrier fee, use fee and air quality diesel fee. In addition to these fees, you also pay the applicable registration fees due for each member jurisdiction in which you choose to travel.

What if I need to travel before I get my Arizona apportion credentials?

If travel outside of Arizona prior to your IRP registration application being completed, you must purchase single trip permits for the states you wish to enter.

If you are not currently registered in Arizona, you can purchase single trip permits, which allow you to travel lawfully through Arizona. These permits are available at Arizona ports of entry or MVD Commercial Permits.

Keep in mind that you will be required to contact each state's permitting office or a permitting service agency to secure permits from each state you will enter.

Are there penalties for traveling without valid registration or permits?

Yes. If you travel in a jurisdiction without valid registration credentials or a single trip permit, you will be subject to a penalty, fines and citations, depending on each state's laws.

What records need to be maintained under IRP?

Check the Arizona Apportioned Registration Manual for all documents you are required to maintain. Also, read your Record Keeping Agreement and Individual Vehicle Mileage Report to review the type of information you will be required to provide.

How do I add, delete or transfer vehicles in my fleet during the registration year?

These changes can be accomplished by completing and submitting an Apportioned Registration Application.

How do I change the GVW for a vehicle during the registration year?

To increase the registered gross vehicle weight (GVW) during the registration year, complete and submit an Apportioned Registration Application.

A decrease in the GVW can only be done at time of renewal, using the same form, or by indicating the decrease on the IRP Registration Renewal form.

Are trailers and semitrailers required to be apportioned?

No. Trailers and semitrailers do not require apportioned registration. However, trailers and semitrailers do require current registration from any state, to operate on Arizona highways.

If you choose to register in Arizona, visit any MVD office or authorized third-party office to register your trailer permanently.

What mileage will a new applicant report when applying for a new IRP account?

You will no longer be required to report mileage if you are applying for a new IRP account. Registrants will pay fees for all jurisdictions based on the base jurisdiction's average per-vehicle distance in each jurisdiction. The system will automatically calculate based on the average per vehicle distance chart for each Jurisdiction and add all Participating Jurisdictions to your registration, which will allow you to travel in all Jurisdictions as needed.

How do I report mileage each year when I apply to renew my Apportioned Registration?

You will only report actual mileage for the Jurisdictions that you accrued miles for during the requested reporting period.

Will I now have to pay for all the Jurisdictions even if I do not travel into all the participating Jurisdictions due to the new FRP changes?

No, your fees will be calculated by the actual miles you report upon renewal.

What is the Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP)?

The Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP) grants full reciprocity to all IRP member jurisdictions, removing from the Plan any provisions related to estimated distance. For more information visit, the IRP website.