Contact Us (Research Center)

ADOT Research Center
206 S. 17th Ave.
MD 310B
Phoenix, AZ 85007

The Research Center does not collect, archive, or provide any transportation data, whether on motor vehicles, safety, or other topics. For such inquiries, please contact the appropriate units elsewhere in ADOT. Public records requests are required for data that is not available on the ADOT website. Please refer to for instructions or contact ADOT Risk Management at [email protected].

The Research Center is a resource only for information related to ADOT research studies and the Approved Products List. It is not a research library or an ADOT archive. However, the State of Arizona Research Library (which is part of the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records) is available for inquiries on state government publications.

Title Name Phone
Research Center Manager Dianne Kresich 602.712.3134
Senior Project Manager Julie McIlwain 602.712.3137
Senior Project Manager William Stone 602.712.3135
Senior Project Manager Bernadette Phelan 602.712.3138
Technical Editor Evelyn Howell 602.712.6346
Product Evaluation Program Supervisor Craig Wilson 602.712.6172
Product Evaluation Program Engineer Chris LaVoie 602.712.8181
Product Evaluation Program Engineer Paul Sullivan 602.712.8205
Product Evaluation Program (PEP) email PEP 602.712.6172