Local Public Agency

About ADOT's Local Public Agency Section

Welcome to ADOT's Local Public Agency (LPA) Section where we serve to support the Federal-Aid Highway Program (FAHP) in Arizona.

The purpose of the ADOT LPA Section is to provide guidance, assistance with project delivery and oversight to local public agencies such as counties, towns, cities and tribal governments within our state. The ADOT LPA Section will assist the project sponsor and project managers with delivery of federal funded local government projects, and will provide oversight and monitoring of federal funded local projects.  We link local government project planning with project development. Programs include:

  • Transportation Alternative Program (TA)
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Off System Bridge Program
  • Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) Exchange

There are three acceptable administration options in which LPA projects may qualify for federal funding:

  • ADOT Administered Project (AA)
  • Self-Administered Project (SA)
  • Certification Acceptance (CA)

LPAs are encouraged to visit our "One-Stop-Shop" portal for more information on project initiation guidance and materials related to managing local project.