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The One Stop Shop is designed to help you find what you need, when you need it, all in one place. The One-Stop-Shop buttons link to important policy and procedural documents and websites to assist LPAs in the project development process so that they meet ADOT and federal requirements.

Administration Decision Diagram

When deciding whether or not to apply for Certification Acceptance or Self-Administration status, LPAs should consult the Administration Decision Diagram to review the benefits and requirements for each type of project administration, or the LPA manual page 1-14.

Project initiation is the process through which ADOT can request federal-aid funding through our ADOT LPA section for an ADOT Administered (AA), Certification Acceptance (CA) or Self-Administration (SA) project.


Self-Administered Projects

A Self-Administered (SA) Project – is an option where the LPAs are not ADOT Certification Acceptance (CA)-certified as an entity to procure professional architect/engineer (A/E) services. Instead, LPAs request ADOT's approval for each of the LPA's (design) project to procure/solicit A/E firms using an ADOT-approved process.

Certification Acceptance

Through the Certification Acceptance (CA) Program, certified LPAs are authorized to independently manage most aspects of the project development process. The Certification Acceptance Program requires LPAs to have the capability, experience, and resources to develop and administer projects according to all applicable agency, state, federal, and tribal laws, regulations, and requirements. Currently the State of Arizona has 8 CA approved agencies.


General Information

Access information regarding Oversight and Monitoring, compliance links and details on supporting LPA sections.


LPA Projects Manual

The LPA Projects Manual is a resource to learn more about processes and procedures when working with our Local Public Agency Section.

Note: The LPA Projects Manual is in the process of being revised to removed information that is no longer applicable or has changed. Contact Local Public Agency with any questions.

Local Public Agency Projects Manual