Activity Report - Adopt a Highway

Report Your Litter

Report your litter pick-up by submitting an online Activity Report after each litter clean up event. This information is vital to the Adopt a Highway Volunteer program reporting requirements.

Log in below using your permit number.  If you are experiencing difficulty logging in, contact the Adopt a Highway permit technician in your district.

Note:  After completing your report, please click Submit only once to avoid duplicate reporting.



Completing the Activity Report

Email Address:  ADOT uses this address to communicate with you about the Adopt a Highway volunteer program and other environmental resources available to communities. Please note if you do not provide an email address the system will not allow you to provide comments in the COMMENT box.

Litter Pickup Date and Time:   Post your clean up date, start and end times.

Number of Participants:  Total number of people in your group for this activity in the box provided.

Number of Filled Litter Bags:  Tell us how many bags your group collected.

How Many Bags Did You Take for Recycling?  Tell us how many bags you will recycle.  Thank you!

Were you able to Clean the Entire Area?   

What was the Oddest Thing You Found During Your Clean Up?  Sometimes litter is unusual.  If you found something interesting that you would like to share, we would like to hear from you.

Comment:  We look forward to hearing about your volunteer experience. Please share your feedback with us.