DBE Goals and Reports

Overall DBE Goals

The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) establishes and oversees the  ADOT DBE Program, as required, for each federal agency FHWA, FTA and FAA. According to ADOT’s DBE Program Plan, specific to each funding agency, a DBE goal may or may not be established on a federally funded project. All federally funded projects shall be evaluated for a DBE goal. These DBE Goals are established based on the results of a DBE Disparity Study that ADOT conducts every five (5) years.  ADOT also conducts an Availability Study every 3 years and can recommend changes to the DBE goal in between the Disparity Study time-frames, as appropriate, based on the Availability Study results.

The following goals have been approved for ADOT by the indicated USDOT Funding Agency:

Funding Agency Federal Fiscal Timeframe Overall
Current DBE Goal
Race Conscious % Race Neutral %
FHWA 2018-2020 9.55% 4.54% 5.01%
FTA 2019-2021 11.00% N/A 11.00%
FAA 2019-2021 8.05% N/A 8.05%

Monthly Contract Award and DBE Commitment Reports

Monthly Contract Award and DBE Commitment Reports provide information about the DBE commitments for each federally funded FHWA project awarded in a given month.

Important Note: These reports do not include DBE's that are added to the project after the initial contract award.

Federal Fiscal Year 2019

Month Design Construction Total
October 2019 2.66% 6.80%  6.58% 
November 2019 20.07% 12.16% 12.34%
December 2019 20.47% N/A 20.47%
January 2020 15.27% 7.35% 7.69%
February 2020 26.53% 8.11% 8.37%
March 2020 14.98% 7.05% 7.66%
Year to Date 16.16% 9.59% 9.86%

Historical FHWA Monthly DBE Commitments/Awards Reports

  • FY 2019 - FHWA Funded Contracts; Monthly Awards And DBE Commitments
  • FY 2018 - FHWA Funded Contracts; Monthly Awards And DBE Commitments
  • FY 2017 - FHWA Funded Contracts; Monthly Awards And DBE Commitments
  • FY 2016 - FHWA Funded Contracts; Monthly Awards And DBE Commitments

FHWA Uniform Report of DBE Commitments/Awards and Payment Reports (Semi-Annual)

Fiscal Year 2019

Semi-Annual Reports and Commitment Values for FY 2019
  RC RN Overall
First Half 8.13% 2.27% 10.40%
Second Half 8.07% 5.31% 13.38%
Overall 8.11% 3.35% 11.46%

Fiscal Year 2018

Semi-Annual Reports and Commitment Values for FY 2018
  RC RN Overall
First Half 9.97% 4.05% 14.02%
Second Half 5.84% 5.46% 11.31%
Overall 8.04% 4.71% 12.75%

Fiscal Year 2017

Semi-Annual Reports and Commitment Values for FY 2017
  RC RN Overall
First Half 11.79% 5.82% 17.60%
Second Half 6.87% 8.09% 14.96%
Overall 9.49% 6.88% 16.37%

Certified DBE's by Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Location (FHWA MAP-21 Report)

1273 Provisions - FHWA Annual EEO Report (1391/1392)

The Annual Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirement and an Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) required contract provision for all federal-aid construction contracts.

The purpose of the Contractor’s Annual EEO Report is to collect employment data (including a breakdown of all racial/ethnic minorities and women employed) from all highway construction contractors who have an active Federal-Aid Contract of $10,000 or more during the reporting period. This provides instrumental information used by both the Federal and State Government in evaluating the effectiveness of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program.

It is extremely important that accurate data is collected, and submitted, as it can directly affect the future status of funding for Federal-Aid Highway Construction Projects throughout the State of Arizona. This report is due from Contractors and LPA Groups once per year. The deadline will be provided on a yearly basis via a communication from ADOT or the respective Certified Acceptance Agency that the project is managed through. 

If you have questions about this report, contact the ADOT Business Engagement and Compliance Office at 602.712.7761 and request the Management Analyst.