PARA Planning Studies

PARA Planning Studies Application

A “Planning Study” refers to a broad range of local and regional planning issues related to, roadway, transit, and non-motorized transportation modes.  The geographic focus of studies can vary and include neighborhoods, incorporated communities or entire counties. Studies may also center on specific roadway corridors, transit feasibility or recreational trails systems.

Transportation Planning Studies include a variety of topics, which may include (but not limited to): Long Range Transportation Plans, Regional Transportation Plans, Transportation Master Plans, Corridor Location Studies, Corridor Master Plans, Access Management Plans, Pavement Assessment Plans, Feasibility Studies, Transit Plans, Bike and Pedestrian Plans, Trail Plans, and others.

Please read the FY 2018 PARA Planning Study Application Instructions and review the Planning Study Evaluation Form to assist in submitting your application.

Current Studies

Nogales Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan/Royal Road Multi-Use Path

Southern Navajo and Apache County Transportation Study

Completed Planning Studies

Final Reports from completed Planning Studies are available for review.