Road test improvements iron out rough spots for MVD customers

Changes include no more random tests for private driving school graduates

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division is making two significant improvements to ease the process for testing drivers before they get on the road.

The first change is eliminating random MVD road tests for people who get driver education at private driving schools. The second means better road testing options for customers in the northern portions of metro Phoenix.

“These changes keep MVD ahead of the curve and help us with our vision of getting people out of line and safely on the road,” MVD Director Eric Jorgensen said.

Graduates of private, third-party driving schools already must complete a final evaluation to receive the Training Completion Certificate they present when applying for driver licenses, so eliminating random MVD road tests creates time to serve other customers and makes offices more efficient.

MVD will use other methods to verify that schools are complying with instruction standards.

Another shift in road testing will improve customer service in the northern metro Phoenix area.

Because of tight appointment schedules and a crowded site, road testing has been phased out at the Northwest Phoenix Office in Deer Valley. Customers are now being asked to make appointments through at either the Glendale or Scottsdale locations where the MVD has made improvements to increase capacity and lower wait times.

“The Northwest Office testing site is obsolete, and Glendale and Scottsdale have more capacity,” Jorgensen said. “Making this improvement means more tests can be done, and the process is quicker, safer and less stressful for the customer.”

The change will have other benefits. MVD uses a parking test to evaluate driver control and safety behind the wheel prior to the road test. Customers prefer the three-point test, which the Northwest Phoenix Office wasn’t able to accommodate due to lot size and layout.

These improvements also mean staff in the Northwest Phoenix Office have more flexibility to complete other customer transactions, reducing office wait times.

For an interactive map of all MVD locations, please visit the ADOT website.