Five-Year Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP)

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The Aeronautics Group, part of ADOT's Multimodal Planning Division, develops the Five-Year Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) to parallel the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Capital Improvement Program and the ADOT Highway's Program with the dual objective of maximizing the effective use of State dollars for airport development, while maximizing FAA funding for Arizona airports. Federal monies are derived mainly from taxes on airline tickets and are distributed by the Federal Aviation Administration to local airports through the National Airport Improvement Program. State funds come mainly from flight property tax, aircraft lieu taxes and aviation fuel taxes.

The ACIP development process allocates money from the State Aviation Fund and distributes these funds across three major categories of airport development assistance. The State Transportation Board approves this program annually.

  • Airport Development Grants Program
    • Projects utilizing federal, state and local funds
      • Safety and capacity enhancement
      • Maintenance
      • Environmental, planning and land acquisition
    • Projects utilizing state and local funds only
      • Safety and capacity enhancement
      • Environmental, planning and land acquisition
  • Airport Preventive Maintenance System (APMS)
    • Projects maintaining and protecting aviation pavement surfaces
  • Airport Loan Program
    • Economic development / revenue-generating loans
    • Grant match loans
    • Grant advance loans

The state's airport-assistance programs for the Five-Year ACIP is designed to provide 50 percent of a sponsor's share of a federally funded project. Current sponsor obligations on federal projects are 5 percent of a project's total cost, making the state share 2.5 percent. Each year, the ACIP sets aside between $3.5M (in FY 2011) to about $4.5 (in FY 2014) to match federal grants. As airport sponsors receive a federal grant, they apply to the state for the matching funds.

The Five-Year Program also provides for state-funded grants. This document shows those projects for state-local funding that have met the State Transportation Board's qualifying priority rating. When the STB approves the Five-Year Program, the projects identified for fiscal year 2011 will be actually funded. All other fiscal year's projects are subject to subsequent annual review and approval by the State Transportation Board.

This ACIP document is formatted into four sections: Program Overview; Airport Development Program by Fiscal Year; Alphabetical Listing of Projects by Sponsor Name; and a Summary of Project Totals by Fiscal Year. Although subprogram categories are not listed, the individual information is retained in the state's Aviation Database.

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