Geospatial Analysis

This program is responsible for oversight of geographical information systems (GIS) related to statewide roadway inventory, the Arizona Transportation Information System (ATIS), which is ADOT’s transportation network linear referencing system (LRS).  This dataset supports FHWA's Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) submittal and the All Roads Network of Linear Referenced Data (ARNOLD).  This linear reference system is the backbone for the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) that supports the thirty-seven (37) fundamental data elements that are a part of the Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE).  Creation of the annual Highway Log and photolog imagery is vital for internal clients and contractors that work with ADOT.  Tools utilized include aerial photogrammetry, GPS, cartography, online interactive mapping, remote sensing, ArcGIS, data visualization, and database maintenance related to the LRS/RCI database.  This program is also responsible for agency-wide mapping and data requests.

Arizona Transportation Information System (ATIS)

The authoritative roadway centerline dataset is owned and maintained within the Geospatial Analysis Section.  The roadway centerline functions as a Linear Referencing System (LRS) which is the back bone for which all roadway characteristics data is amalgamated.  This dataset supports a number of annual Federal reports such as the All Roads Network of Linear-Referenced Data (ARNOLD) and Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).  

Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI)

 The maintenance of roadway characteristics data directly supports HPMS data needs.  Roadway characteristics data include items such as number of lanes, speed limit and functional classification.  This data is maintained all within a GIS, it is intern used for data visualization and analysis.    

GIS Data

The Geospatial Analysis team owns and maintains a number of GIS data layers.  Many of which are available on Arizona's statewide data clearing house, AZGeo.  Anyone looking to acquire authoritative data should visit the website.  Users can search via keywords or browse by categories.  Metadata is also provided to help users understand the proper use cases of the data.

State Highway System Log

Each year, the Data Section produces a route-by-route highway inventory for all State Highway System facilities pertaining to the previous calendar year. This inventory documents various features, geometrics, projects and other information as they occur along the route. Updates to the Highway Log are principally derived from completed highway projects and any resolutions passed by the State Transportation Board.

2015 Mileage Summaries Booklet

2014 Mileage Summaries Booklet

2013 State Highway Log | Mileage Summaries Booklet

2012 State Highway Log | Mileage Summaries Booklet

2011 State Highway Log | Mileage Summaries Booklet

2010 Mileage Summaries Booklet

2009 State Highway Log

2008 State Highway Log with Turn Lanes

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2005 State Highway Log

2005 State Highway Log with Turn Lanes


1998 State Highway System Log