Meeting Information and Notices - North-South Corridor Study

Fall 2019 Comment Period and Public Hearings

The North-South Corridor Study Draft Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (Draft Tier 1 EIS) was completed and made available for public review and comment from Sept. 6, 2019 through Oct. 29, 2019. All comments and questions received during that period were addressed in the Final Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, which was  completed in August 2021.

Although the deadline for comments on the Draft Tier 1 EIS has passed, comments on the ongoing study can be made at any time during the study process. For comment methods, visit the Contact Us page. Fina


Alternatives Update (2017)

As the North-South Corridor Study progressed, changes were made to the proposed alternatives subsequent to agency and public outreach and publication of the Alternatives Selection Report. As a result, ADOT, in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration, opened a comment period to solicit input on the new action corridor alternatives.

In the fall of 2017, those modified action corridor alternatives were presented for public review through an online mapping and comment tool, accessed from the study website. During the 30-day comment period (November 14 to December 14, 2017), the online mapping tool allowed users to drop a pin and comment on a specific area, or to provide general comments on the action corridor alternatives. All comments received by December 14, 2017, were considered during preparation of the Corridor Selection Report, which is included in Appendix C, Alternatives Screening, of this Draft Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (see Appendix A, Agency and Public Comments, available for review on the Documents  page and at several locations in the study area).

November 2014 Public Meeting

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration hosted a series of public meetings to present the corridor alternatives for the proposed North-South Corridor Study. Information regarding the meetings and what we heard may be found at the linked documents below.

November 2012 Public Meeting