Southcentral District Interstate 10 Corridor Ramp Operations Study

Interstate 10 within the Southcentral District has undergone a number of changes over the past 10 years. Between Twin Peaks Road and 22nd Street, there are several reconstruction projects along the corridor, including I-10 mainline reconstruction from 29th Street to Prince Road and newly reconstructed traffic interchanges including Twin Peaks Road, Prince Road, and Ina Road (underway). In the near future, Ruthrauff Road interchange will also be reconstructed, along with Mainline I-10 in between Ina Road and Ruthrauff Road. This section of I-10 has been reviewed individually but not as a system particularly with regard to ramp metering and frontage road operations. A similar study was completed in 2003 but predated the major reconstruction of I-10 in 2009. The traffic operations of these facilities have changed significantly due to the change in roadway geometrics and increased traffic volumes.

The primary goal of this study is to determine current and future traffic control needs for the I-10 corridor between Twin Peaks Road and 22nd Street. This study will determine if and when the ramp metering infrastructure should be utilized and how it would operate. In addition, this study will re-evaluate the traffic control at the frontage road junctions to determine if the systematic “yield” control is appropriate or if “stop” control should be provided. The result of this study will provide the basis for future ramp metering design projects and provide operational insight and direction on the frontage road operational controls.



For additional info about the study, please contact the ADOT Project Manager Mark Hoffman by email or phone at 602.712.7454