Town of Florence Transportation Planning Study

The Town of Florence's current transportation plan – the Coolidge-Florence Regional Transportation Plan - is 10 years old, last updated in 2008. At that time, the housing boom in Arizona was just beginning its slowdown. Since the end of the Great Recession and preparation of the Coolidge-Florence Regional Transportation Plan, development patterns (and select land owners) have changed. A majority of the roads detailed for short and mid-term projects as part of the previous transportation plan are no longer in line with current development patterns.

Plan Objectives

Preliminarily identified study objectives for the Florence Transportation Planning Study are identified below. These preliminary objectives were discussed, refined and agreed upon by the TAC at their February 20, 2018 meeting and are as follows:


1. To update local transportation planning within the Town of Florence and interface with Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Pinal County transportation systems to meet the needs of the Town.

2. Identify and recommend short term, medium term and long-term plan of improvements.

3. Develop roadway cross sections that are consistent with the Pinal County Roads of Regional Significance plan.

4. Develop planning level cost estimates (per lane mile) for each recommended roadway classification type.

5. Recommend access management policies for the Town of Florence.

6. Establish the ability for Florence to obtain a stand-alone travel demand model in order to perform future modeling to accommodate incoming development proposals.

7. The results/deliverables of this study will be utilized as the Circulation Element of Florence’s General Plan update anticipated in 2018.

8. Incorporate multi-modal policies and facility locations into the transportation framework.

9. Obtain stakeholder and advisory committee input early and throughout the entire planning process.

Study Area

Florence is located in central Arizona along the Gila River, at the junction of State Route (SR) 287 and SR 79. Florence is the county seat of Pinal County and is generally considered a focal point in Pinal County for government services, employment and cultural activities. A large percentage of the jobs in Florence are government and prison related positions. It is located midway between the two largest metropolitan areas in Arizona: Phoenix is approximately 61 miles to the north and Tucson is approximately 70 miles to the south.