Wildlife Vehicle Conflict Study

Project Overview

Wildlife-Vehicle-Conflicts on Arizona's state and federal highways are an ongoing, serious concern, resulting in injuries, property damage, and loss of wildlife.  In order to evaluate these recurring vehicle-wildlife conflicts, the Arizona Department of Transportation has initiated a broad planning study.

This high-level study is underway to gather information on existing crash data, previously completed studies, wildlife linkage zones, habitat blocks, and industry best-management practices. From the gathered information, potential projects to mitigate the identified vehicle-animal conflicts can be developed that can move forward through ADOT’s planning to programming (P2P) process.  If alternative funding sources (those other than traditional federal and state) are identified or become available, projects could potentially move forward using those funds.

A technical advisory committee (TAC) has been established to closely coordinate the study, consisting of representatives of the Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Working Papers, a Draft and Final Report will be posted to this website throughout 2021 for public review and comment.

For more info contact Wildlife Vehicle Conflict Study.