Study History - I-15 Virgin River Bridge Rehabilitation

Study History

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration initiated a study to identify possible improvements to the I-15 corridor for the 29-mile segment through Arizona from the Nevada state line to the Utah state line.

Phase I of the study included a feasibility report, preliminary engineering, environmental overview and an implementation plan for possible improvements. Phase II of the study will follow Phase I based on funding availability for one or more construction projects and will consist of more detailed engineering design and an environmental assessment.

The study will focus on the evaluation of potential improvements to or repairs of mainline bridges throughout the Virgin River Corridor. Operational, capacity and safety improvements to I-15 for the entire corridor will also be investigated. These investigations include possible shoulder improvements, rockfall containment enhancements and new climbing lanes.

The current projects on bridges 2, 3, 6 and 7 were identified during this study. See map below for areas of I-15 that were studied.

Study Area Map

I-15 Virgin River Bridge Study Area Map