SR 89 - SR 179 Sedona Slip Lanes

Project Overview

The Arizona Department of Transportation, in partnership with the city of Sedona, is in the final design phase of the Sedona Slip Lanes project that will create enhancements for the roundabout at the intersection of State Route 89A and State Route 179 in Sedona.

One of the enhancements will be a bypass right-turn lane (slip lane) for the west approach, from northbound SR 89A to southbound SR 179. The other enhancement will be a dedicated right-turn lane for the south approach, from northbound SR 179 to northbound SR 89A. These modifications to the roundabout are designed to enhance safety and improve mobility through this high-traffic area.

    Project Area Map

    Sedona Slip Lanes Project Map

    Stakeholder Updates


    The scope of this project will include: 

    • Constructing a slip lane and a dedicated right-turn lane.
    • Installing raised medians, pedestrian lighting and sidewalks and sidewalk ramps.
    • Relocating utilities, as needed.

    About the Project

    The purpose of the ADOT project – jointly funded by ADOT and the city of Sedona – is to improve traffic operations and reduce congestion in the roundabout at the intersection of SR 89A and SR 179. 

    A major component of the project is incorporating the use of a “slip lane” at the intersection for northbound drivers on State Route 89A. The slip lane was originally identified as an operational improvement to the roundabout in the City of Sedona Transportation Master Plan, approved in January 2018.

    The slip lane will enable northbound SR 89A drivers to make right turns onto southbound SR 179 – and go around or “slip” through the intersection – without conflicting with traffic in the roundabout. 

    After initiating the project design last summer and conducting a further review of the project, the proposed design of the intersection was modified to ensure the project delivers the expected improvements to current traffic conditions at the roundabout.

    While a full slip lane for drivers coming from west Sedona and making a right onto southbound SR 179 is still being evaluated, a dedicated right-turn lane is now being tested and evaluated in lieu of a full slip lane from SR 179 to SR 89A toward Uptown.

    This test, through modifying the existing striping configuration, has temporarily created a dedicated right-turn lane from northbound SR 179 to northbound SR 89A. In addition, the eastern side of the roundabout was narrowed to one circulating lane, similar to the western side.

    Sedona Slip Lanes Test Map

    The current test configuration will help determine whether the revised design option will improve travel times for drivers using the roundabout. The two-month test period is scheduled to end in early July.

    The two-month test period began in May and ended after the Independence Day holiday weekend in July. The project team is currently collecting the test data, which will assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the slip lane from West Sedona by studying queuing times of vehicles waiting to enter the roundabout, peak flows, delays/congestion, turning movements, etc. 

    The team is processing the data over the next several weeks and will make a recommendation in mid-summer after the analysis is completed.

    To date, the project team has completed the scoping process, developed the modeling criteria, re-evaluated the project design, proposed the above-mentioned design solutions and is currently testing a portion of the new proposed design. 

    Project Schedule

    • Final Design – Currently underway through early 2021
    • Construction – Summer 2021

    Schedule subject to change based on weather or other unforeseen factors.

    Stay Informed!

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