State Route 260: Mainline Rd-Overgaard

PROJECT UPDATE: All traffic restrictions have been lifted as the project nears completion. Crews plan to return during the week of Aug. 10, to apply permanent striping on the roadway within the project area. Drivers should expect some minor delays while the striping work is completed.

Drivers in the Mogollon Rim area may notice an improved riding experience for several miles on State Route 260 near Heber-Overgaard as a result of a pavement preservation project that is almost completed.

Crews recently finished applying both chip and slurry seal coatings on top of the existing pavement on State Route 260 in the community of Heber-Overgaard. The work extended to both sides of the junction with State Route 277 -- between milepost 303 and 310. The project will help preserve the condition of the highway and extend the life of the pavement.

ADOT thanks local residents and businesses, as well as the traveling public, for their ongoing support and patience during the SR 260: Mainline Rd-Overgaard project.