RARF June Revenue Reports

Yearly reports are attached.

RARF = Regional Area Road Fund

RARF SFY Forecasting Process and Results Reports

Maricopa County Excise Tax - Forecasting Process and Results

RARF = Regional Area Road Fund
SFY = State Fiscal Year

RARF Transportation Excise Tax Collections Reports

Maricopa County Regional Area Road Fund - Transportation Excise Tax Collections, yearly reports.  

RARF = Regional Area Road Fund
SFY = State Fiscal Year

Sales/Excise Tax Liability

Arizona Department of Revenue

  • Website explaining the sales and excise tax liability for a vehicle that is registered in Arizona after being issued a 90-day Nonresident Registration Permit

Short Inventory Forms

Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO) Reports

Yearly reports are attached.

Solicitation Request

Southeastern Association of Governments (SEAGO) Reports

Yearly reports are attached.



Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (SCMPO) Reports

Yearly reports are attached.

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