The Inside Lane - May 2018

Read how ECD officers in Douglas responded to a HAZMAT situation. Get details on a major landscape project involving crews from across the Central District. See some seriously impressive before-and-after photos from a recent 5S project. Find out who is taking home the Green Shop Award this year. Learn how ADOT impressed a classroom of kindergartners.

The Inside Lane - May 2019

See how ADOT firefighters train for aircraft fires. Meet Rusty Crerand, who troubleshoots public inquiries. Learn about the new #ADOTLeads training program. Read how ADOT rest areas are conserving water.

The Inside Lane - November 2016

This issue has a message from ADOT’s Chief Financial Officer Kristine Ward, you’ll find out how many bills ADOT pays each month (hint: it’s more than you think), and get details on a major project milestone that just happened in Surprise.

The Inside Lane - November 2018

Learn how teamwork is key to successful US 89 emergency repair. Read about Sunset Point Rest Area’s memorial to fallen employees. See photos of ADOT employees in purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Meet the Team of the Year, Payson Maintenance Unit. Discover how rail ties are preventing parking lot incidents.

The Inside Lane - November 2019

Learn why the Meteor City Bridge project is innovative. View photos of employees wearing purple to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Meet the Team of the Year, ECD Mobile Ports Operations.

The Inside Lane - Oct./Nov. 2017

Find answers regarding open enrollment. Learn about a new process that makes accessing record drawings much easier. See lots of photos from Safety Stand Down Day. See even more photos of ADOT employees wearing purple in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Discover how ADOT mapped out the state’s highway system in the 1970s.

The Inside Lane - October 2016

In this issue read a message from Assistant Director for Infrastructure Delivery and Operations Steve Boschen, learn how a team effort helped slash 100 days off the on-call task order execution process, get an update on the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway project, and find out what was happening at ADOT back in 1983.

The Inside Lane - October 2018

Learn how Safety Stand Down Day training prepares employees for hazards. Discover how the I-40 Devil Dog project moves at lightning speed. Meet the 2018 Leader of the Year Nina Makarenko. See how ADOT’s Procurement Resource Center team’s changes get big results.

The Inside Lane - October 2019

Meet Employee of the Year Maria Arvizo. Discover how Adopt a Highway volunteers save taxpayers $500,000 a year. Read our special 45th anniversary coverage. Learn why Incident Management is moving to TSMO.

The Inside Lane - September 2016

In this issue, read a message from ADOT Deputy Director for Operations Scott Omer, get the lowdown on ADOT's newest video series and a link to watch the first episode that puts Director Halikowski on the job with ADOT sign crews, learn how the Adopt a Highway volunteer program keeps our roads clean and saves the agency money, and travel back to the 1970s and take a look at a few photos from ADOT’s past.

The Inside Lane - September 2017

Take a look at some recent MVD accomplishments and find out what’s in store for the future. Learn how a simple step has increased the number registered organ donors. Read about a new study under way focused on women in ADOT’s workforce. Find out ADOT’s connection to Sonny and Cher!

The Inside Lane - September 2018

Find out everything that went down at ADOT’s recent leadership conference. Get details on the newest installment of Direct Connect. See how TIM training prepares employees for emergencies. Learn about a BIG effort undertaken by ADOT’s Interstate Signing crew. Go back to the 1980s — a time when ADOT was just starting to use computers.

The Inside Lane - September 2019

Learn how MVD Super Heroes prepare for a new computer system. Read our special 45th anniversary coverage. Meet the Leader of the Year, Kyle Ulibarri. Discover how Tucson Maintenance’s 5S project sees cost savings.

The Inside Lane April 2020

Check out the latest issue of The Inside Lane:

  • Discover how ADOT serves the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Read a tribute to fallen employee Frank Dorizio.
  • Meet four employees who help protect Arizona’s environment.
  • Learn why MVD services will shut down for a few days.
  • Find out more about the Employee Engagement Survey.

The Inside Lane April 2021

Check out the latest issue of The Inside Lane:

  • Try to win a prize with our scavenger hunt.
  • Meet Employee of the Year Erich Batman.
  • Discover what AKA —  The ADOT Way means.
  • Read how Nicole Merkl manages specialty license plates.

The Inside Lane April 2022

Check out the latest issue of The Inside Lane:

  • Meet Katie Rodriguez of the Environmental Planning Group.
  • Discover why ADOT received a prestigious award for I-11 public involvement. 
  • Read how ADOT employees help inmates obtain commercial driver licenses. 
  • Try the crossword puzzle for a chance to win a prize.
  • See how teamwork protects bridge decks from getting hit.
  • Learn why crowdsourcing improves traffic flow.
  • Read Director John Halikowski's column about The ADOT Way.

The Inside Lane April 2023

Check out the latest issue of The Inside Lane:

  • Discover the collaboration across ADOT to keep the public safe during historic winter storms.
  • Learn how the Grand Canyon Logo Sign Team boosts revenue.
  • See the Motor Vehicle Division's new look for driver licenses and IDs.
  • Meet Sara Thompson of the Multimodal Planning Division.

The Inside Lane August 2021

Check out the latest issue of The Inside Lane:

  • Read what lessons employees learned after challenging year
  • Get creative with caption contest to try to win a prize
  • See how ADOT facilitated van donation for retirement home
  • Discover how new process helps wide load transports

The Inside Lane August 2022

Check out the latest issue of The Inside Lane:

  • Meet ASD's Insurance Recovery Team!
  • Read about IDO's Bridge Group to learn why bridge conditions in Arizona are improving.
  • Find out which awards were won recently by MVD.
  • See what was happening at ADOT back in 1977.
  • Try out our latest puzzle — and maybe win a prize!

The Inside Lane December 2019

The Inside Lane December 2019

Check out the latest issue of  The Inside Lane:  

  • Meet Customer Service Award Winner Alicia Felix.
  • Read about how SLATE Technician Jermey Hill helped stranded motorists.
  • See how photologging Arizona highways has evolved.
  • Learn how SR 347 improvements improve traffic flow.